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Hello! How are you? Im glad to see you!

The theme of today's conclusive lesson is Discovery of America. Christopher Columbus and American symbols. We shall remember and speak about all interesting facts which you have studied and I hope that you will know some new facts about Christopher Columbus, well talk about the American symbols.

But first of all lets remember some words which we need at our lesson

To discover



To sail


To be interested in smth



To reach

And now lets match two columns () to be sure that you know the meanings of this words

Very good! And now can you tell me who discovered America?

Thats right! It was Christopher Columbus.

Do you remember when Americans celebrate Columbus Day?

Every year the 12th of October Americans celebrate Columbus Day. And today at our lesson we shall speak about this famous sailor. We shall listen the texts answer the questions and by the end of our lesson you will have known more about the great discoverer.

Let us begin our conversation. Now look here: you see the date on the screen. Do you know what this date means? Why does it play a very important role in an American history?

In 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered America.

Now you will watch a video about this famous sailor. Be ready to answer the questions.


In our days everybody knows what the word America means. First of all it is the name of the country the United States of America or just America. And then America is the name of the two continents North America and South America. These two continents, North and South America, form the part of the world called America.

Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue

This is a song that many children learn about Christopher Columbus and his journey to America.

We dont know much about the man. He was born in Italy but lived in Spain for a long time. He was a seaman and made many sea voyages. In 1492 the King and the Queen of Spain gave him money to go to India. He decided to sail west as he was sure that our planet was round. And after sailing 4000 miles (6400 kilometers), he reached some land. Columbus thought that it must be India but it was not. It was America Central America in fact. People began to speak about the land as the New World.

Say what is true, false or you dont know, according to the text.

The word America means the name of the country and the name of the two continents.

Christopher Columbus discovered the new continent America.

Christopher Columbus discovered the new continent in 1493.

Nobody remembers Columbuss voyage.

People know everything about this famous discoverer.

Columbus was born in Spain.

Columbus lived all his life in Italy.

The New World was the name of the new land.

The next point of our lesson is Christopher Columbuss voyages. Be so kind and remember the story of Christopher Columbuss voyages.

1. Was Spain interested in the new land?

2. What about the second voyage of Columbus?

3. What land did he reach?

4. How many voyages did Columbus make?

5. Was England interested in the new land?

6. On the 21st of September in1620 a group of people left England for the New World.

7. A small ship called the Mayflower, carrying 102 passengers, left Plymouth and sailed west.

8. The planned route of the ship.

9. After two months voyage, on the 21st of November, these people landed in the Northeast of America.

10. They wanted to start a new life and to have no problems with the church.

11. They set up a colony and called that part of the country New England.

Now you will watch a video story told by Plymouth Rock and then youll complete the text

And now lets speak about American symbols. Name them please.

Pupils: The flag, the statue of Liberty, the eagle, Uncle Sam.

Onemoresymbol ( )

Pupils: The Star-Spangled Banner

Now you will hear the stories about American symbols

The next task is fill in the blanks about the American symbols.

What did you know from this lesson?

What American symbols do you like?


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